„Hello” Project

One of the key subjects regarding the safety measures implemented in response to the epidemic is hand sanitization, which – among a number of other everyday things – changed drastically in recent times. Prior to the pandemic, keeping ones hands clean was a personal decision, now it turned into a communal responsibility.

The safety and perseverance of its clients and colleagues is the top priority of a responsibly operating company, therefore it has to show innovation and authority in subjects, which had been personal matters before the pandemic.

The Hello! handsanitizer station is a solution, that has the potential to implement change in everyday attitude towards the pandemic in places, where hand sanitization is yet to be worked out.

These unique sanitizing stations designed by us can be easily obtained. We guarantee to manufacture and put into operation the stations as soon as possible, depending on the order and the quantity. We periodically refill and maintain the stationed units.

BASIC handsanitizer station

Unique appearance, 1 piece hand sanitizing station placed on a metal scaffolding with sensory dispenser.

Fields of application

  • Smaller companies or firms

  • Catering facilities

  • Theaters, cinemas

  • Hotels

  • Shops

  • Schools

  • Doctor’s offices

  • Homes for the elderly (assisted living facilities)

Information interface and design

  • 3 basic types (BAUHAUS, PEOPLE and LINE)

  • Unique design, corporate identity

  • The graphics appearing on the station are at all times modifiable

Delivery time

  • 4 to 5 weeks from order (depending on quantity and type)


3 orderable basic types

STANDARD handsanitizer station

Unique appearance, 3 to 4 piece hand sanitizing station placed on a wooden scaffolding.

Fields of application

  • Larger companies or firms (factories, assembly plants)

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centers

  • Museums

  • Concert halls, festivals

  • Educational institutions

  • Municipal institutions

  • Hospitals

Information interface

  • The fourth side of the column shows general sanitary information

  • In English, German and Hungarian

  • The graphics appearing on the station are at all times modifiable

  • Unique design and choices of color

Unique design, corporate identity

  • The type of material used is first rate

Delivery time

  • 1 to 2 weeks from order (depending on quantity and type)



  • Basic station from per month


  • Basic station with mechanical dispenser: 320 EUR+VAT.

  • Basic station with sensory dispenser: 380 EUR+VAT.

  • Standard station with sensory dispenser: 960 EUR+VAT.

Unique BASIC stations
We create unique graphics on request, or change the existing one.

  • Design: 200 EUR+VAT.